what do I need to bring?

Everything is provided for your little ones, including aprons, wipes and soap! There's even paper bags to take painty things home in. But as paint and glue is usually involved, it's probably a good idea not to put your child in their Sunday best (or you for that matter!) - so please dress in clothes that you don't mind getting messy in!

Are the art things you use washable?

All of the paints we use are water-based, non-toxic, washable, gluten and wheat free and suitable for all ages.  Plus all PVA glue, glue sticks and felt tips are washable and non-toxic.  However I'm afraid I can not guarantee that paints, pens, glue and other materials will not stain (particularly darker colours) or could not create an allergic reaction on contact or illness if ingested. 

My child is under 2, can they still come?

The Shake & Make Club is aimed at 2-5 year olds, although confident walkers are perfectly great too. We should have agreed ahead of the class on the things that your child should be able to be involved in if they are teeny. It's free for under 1's to attend the class and lots of the props and toys are suitable for babies to enjoy if you bring them along with a sibling. If in any doubt, just contact us and let's have a chat about your specific needs.   

How much does it cost?




Your first session is completely free. It's really important that you try it out and make sure it's right for you and your little one.  After you've hopefully fallen in love with the class, payment is made termly. Each term lasts between 5 and 7 weeks (depending on school holidays) and works out at £5.50 per week for one child or £9.00 per week for two children.  This includes a craft to make and take home and some refreshments at the end of the class.  Bargain!  Little babies are also free to attend until they can take an active role in the class... though we bet they'll still love the bubbles! 

Does this fit with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum? 

Yes!  The things we do, sing, play with, act out, make and imagine at the Shake & Make Club link directly to the area of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum called "expressive arts and design".  This means that preschool children should be encouraged to explore and use different media and materials. So it's a big tick!