Easter Egg Box Bird House/Feeder!


So.... Easter is over.  The eggs have been hunted.  Some of the chocolate has been consumed.  Some has been pilfered by me (shhhhh! don't tell anyone!) and now we are left with MANY egg boxes.  And I kept thinking that there must be something we can do with them. 

Looking at my little girl's much adored Cadbury's Peter Rabbit one, it occurred to me... the little holes where the shiny egg temptingly pokes through could make a fantastic hole for a bird.  So we set to turn the box into a bird house or bird feeder (we are still a bit undecided)!  


We used:

  • Scola Artmix paint in Purple & Green (any poster paints will do)
  • Stickers (we borrowed some from the latest Princess magazine!)
  • PVA glue
  • Water
  • Paint brush
  • Paint pot/bowl

A couple of coats of green and purple paint went on first.  The gloss coating on the packaging was rather tricky to cover the first time, so we had to do two coats.  We then layered on some stickers and then finally gave it a coating of 'varnish' made with equal quantities of PVA glue and water brushed all over the carton. 


We have yet to see if this is completely weather proof (I am slighly dubious!), but we are going to fill it with a little bird seed, put it in a sheltered spot somewhere in the garden when the sun comes out a bit and see if it gets inhabited.  If anything it was a lovely way of extending the Easter fun and feeling slightly more righteous that we didn't completely waste all that packaging!

Misadventures in paper plates

Today I was astounded. No, I was completely flabbergasted by the versatility of the good old paper plate!  With my little one off poorly sick at the moment, we were wallowing in a bit of nostalgia today and looking at all the things we have made together since the Shake & Make Club launched two and a bit years ago.  Looking through her craft memory box was just lovely.  As well the joy of seeing all the things she's made and noticing her abilities grow as she got older, it was also like a giant deja vu to all my classes.  She has made everything you all have.  I guess you could say she's been my guinea pig!  Anyway when it was all laid out one more thing was abundantly clear: it's amazing what you can do with a paper plate.  

When I come up with the crafts we do at our classes, I try wherever possible to use things that you might have hanging around. That's because deep down I hope the Shake & Make Club will inspire you all to make even more things at home. 

So pulling out all her (and your) creations, together we have turned a humble paper plate into:  a polar bear mask, a santa mask, a pirate mask, a snowman mask, a dinosaur mask, a steering wheel, a Christmas tree, a bauble, a fox, a pig, a T-Rex, a set of teeth, a police car, a rocking rooster, a snail, a crab, a catherine wheel, a spider, a hot air balloon, a shaker, a rainbow, a fish bowl, a pizza, a unicorn, a donkey, a ladybird and a pasta lion. Phew!  I am considering owning shares in PaperPlatesRUS.com

And next week there's another one... eeek!