How a Shake & Make Club class works...

First we 'Shake it'...

First we’ll explore the week’s theme through songs, puppets, stories, games, role play, parachute fun and sensory activities.  

Here children learn to dramatise topics in lots of different ways and gain self confidence through taking part.  

Absolutely no one is expected to sit still!

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Then we 'Make it'...

Next there’ll be a craft activity to make and take home at the end.  It's always different and always a surprise!

Little ones gain a massive sense of achievement from the making process, as well as something they can proudly show off at home.  Every activity is carefully tailored to fit their abilities.  

Everything you need is provided... even paper bags to take your craft home in if it's super painty! 

Whilst the subject will be different each week, each session starts with the same welcome cheer and wave goodbye song, to keep a little consistency.